Influence Of Top Management Team Diversity On Performance And Corporate Strategies

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The business landscape has been dramatically changed and overhauled by the globalization process in today’s world. Adoption of diversity by many firms is in the aim to gain competitive advantage from others. There have been different findings on the influence of Top Management Team diversity on performance and corporate strategies in the organizations. Some findings show that there is a significant relationship between Top Management Team and performance while others reveal there is no relationship. The study seeks to investigate the impact of TMT diversity on corporate strategies and the organization’s performance. Great contribution to the research field about how TMT diversity relates to the decision-making process and the effect on company’s growth will be made by the study. The lack of diversity at the work place is a major arising issue in many organizations globally. The purpose of the mixed research study will be to investigate TMT’s diversity with the aim of identifying how it affects decision making inform of corporate strategies and organizational performance. The research method will be mixed where it will employ the use of both the qualitative and quantitative techniques. The study’s main focus will be on the various companies or the organizations that will provide for study participants as respondents. Interviews and questionnaires will be used to collect information from the participant from the different companies. Variables for measurement will be based on

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