Influence Of Western Culture

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Globalization is in most cases seen as global Westernization with the Western culture seeking to dominate the world. Globalization is the acceleration and intensification of the economic interactions between governments, companies, and individuals of a different culture. The Western culture played a paramount role in promoting globalization and democracy across the globe. In addition, globalization encouraged cultural diversity by dissolving international boundaries and opening cultures to a new dispensation and arena. The influence of Western culture and the debate on its dominance over other cultures
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When Western tourists tour other countries and interact with other cultures across the globe, they pursue such cultures as primitive. In the process, the people from this culture shift their thinking, also believe that their culture is primitive, and therefore work towards integrating to the American culture. In fact, most of the people from such cultures result to imitating most of the activities in the American culture.
Most individuals pursue the Western cultures as superior to the extent that individuals import the cultural practices from the Western culture. This has resulted in cultural homogenization and dominance of the American culture. The cultures are mixing towards imitating the Western culture proving the superiority of the culture. The modern cultural homogeneity explains the uniqueness of the American culture with people pursuing it as a superior culture compared to other cultures. The different cultures mix and lose their identity to become part of the American culture. Globalization has played a paramount role in ensuring that people across the globe have information on the American cultures and the activities taking place within this culture. They adjust to suit and match this culture because they pursue the Western cultures superior compared to other cultures.
The world has become westernized by integrating activities and performing responsibilities the western way. One of the
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