Influence On Japanese Ukiyo-E Prints

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Ukiyo-e significantly influenced contemporary Japanese prints (kindai hanga). Such an impact can be directly observed when comparing the Nakamura Utaemon as Tonase contemporary print (1984) by Tsuruya Kokei with Toshusai Sharaku’s Segawa Tomisaburo as Yadorigi ukiyo-e (1794-1795). Both of these prints can be categorized as okubi-e, which are Japanese woodblock prints that feature up-close portraits of their subjects by concentrating on the face and upper torso. They also depict a famous kabuki actor as the character that he is well known for playing. Other than having a similar subject matter and an identical portrayal of it, the simple, plain background, bright colors, and sense of flatness generally found in ukiyo-e are employed in Kokei’s
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