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There’s an ancient chinese proverb that states “A child’s life is like a piece of paper on which everyone who passes by leaves an impression” ( People blindly believe that children are easily influenced by violent cartoons on television. From generation to generation parents are always warned not to allow their kids to watch too much violent cartoons. What kids watch- and not just how much- matters when it comes to television viewing (Rochman.) But just how true is that? Research on the negative influences of cartoons on children is inconclusive and complex. The American Psychological Association believe television violence affects young children negatively after doing many case studies. They believe children can learn…show more content…
You can’t just take a child and place one in a room with a coloring book and the other to watch Dragonball Z to test if they become violent or not (Kalin.) Professor L. Rowell Huessman, author of over many studies on media violence and aggressive behaviors in children, believes there is evidence that exposure to media violence can lead to aggressive behaviour and ideas in viewers. Meanwhile, Dr. Michael Grose, australian parenting expert and psychiatrist, believes being affected by the cartoons depends on the child. “It prepares them. It actually personifies the unknown to them.” Dr. Grose believes presenting conflict, drama, and pain that’s impersonal will help them understand and confront it. On the other hand, Professor Jonathan Freedman, Department of Psychology in Toronto University, doesn’t believe violent cartoons produces violent children or desensitizes them to violence. In support his research he states that Japanese cartoons are much more violent than american cartoons and the Japanese are generally polite and non-aggressive. Violence or aggressive acts are treated differently in cartoons. Violent images are more likely to be imitated if they go unpunished, show little pain or no suffering, and involve an attractive perpetrator (Frazier.) For example, Road Runner and Coyote in Looney Tune a child knows these cartoons aren’t real.In Looney Tunes, Bugs Bunny would turn around the gun and shoot Elmer Fudd that it was completely fictional. The

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