Influence of Compulsory Voting

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The Idea of Compulsory Voting After Australia, Singapore, and Switzerland implemented compulsory voting and the turnout of voters grew, other democratic countries began wondering if the idea should be implemented globally. Research began on how this implementation affected countries with compulsory voting in place and how it would affect other countries such as Canada (Twomey, 2013). The idea that Canada, or another similarly democratic country, should pass a policy of compulsory voting would be against the very foundation of freedom that defines a democratic state. It brings to mind three questions with it, is voting a right or duty, does it change the level of intelligent political participation, and does the compulsion goes against all…show more content…
However this fine was not a push in direction of political participation, it was a reason to not be political as being politically participating cost money and no one wants to spend money on the government. Intelligent Political Participation For compulsory voting to make way for more intelligent political participation is a contradiction of itself. In compulsory voting the politician running for office do not need to put in the same effort as they would otherwise (Barry, 2013). These politicians will have to fight for every vote and will have to “argue their cases with more conviction” (Barry, 2013) if compulsory voting was not in place. But knowing what the individual politician platform declare are only half the battle. In Australia, a survey found that “only 40 per cent could name the two federal houses of parliament” (Barry, 2013). The problem with this complete lack of knowledge is that the ignorant voters whom are forced to vote do so picking either a random politician or one who a friend or family member has mentioned (Jenson & Spoon, 2011, p. 702). Voting for a random politician or the one at the top of the list should not be the reason people vote for someone. This type of voting does not take any kind of intelligent thought. People are not voting because they believe in what the politician is trying to accomplish they are voting simply because they will be fined if they neglect to vote. Those who endorse compulsory voting saying that it
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