Influence of Digital Media on Education Essay

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A great man once said, “If we teach today’s students as we did yesterdays, we are robbing them of tomorrow.” His name was John Dewey. He was an American philosopher, psychologist and educational reformer whose ideas have been influential in education and social reform. This man is the inspiration for many enthusiastic educators, who wish to evolve education as the world around us changes, especially with the rapid reforms bestowed upon the education world through this monster that we call digital media. There is no running away from the fact that digital media has already changed the world. It’s not going to stop altering the world it was created in anytime soon.

So human beings have taken advantage of this fact. Since digital media
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You can earn these credits simply by passing the examinations, which are usually more difficult than easy. The CLEP system allows students to basically take the final exam of an entry-level college course, without ever having to take the course. This website I utilized and came to appreciate is You have to pay a monthly subscription, which is totally worth it if you apply yourself. There is no instructor for the study guides and test samples provided by the websites creators. It’s simply you and the books. Raw learning at its finest. Of course, there are also online tutoring programs, which provide private tutors for virtually all-academic subjects. Live online courses (much like CMST 301) are available to students of all ages. I would like to point out the difference between an online college course, and an online tutoring program.

UMUC’s online program is the perfect example of an online college, where students earn actual college credits that apply towards an official college degree. Then there’s academic tutoring programs, such as, which I mentioned previously. Another fine example of an online tutoring program is the The Princeton review does not offer college credits; it simply aids motivated students in their understanding of whatever subject matter they are pursuing.
The concept of “learning everywhere” has never been easier, thanks to digital media. “Digital learning not only takes place online
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