Influence of Iliad to Heroes in Todays World

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The Influence of the Iliad on Individuals
The classical hero is a timeless description of human beings all around the world. Not only is it part of some human’s nature; it is used as a source of entertainment for people as well. The classical hero is seen both in the Iliad, as we have discussed, and in today’s world every day and in most cases everywhere. Heroes are seen today in TV shows, novels, movies, sports, in politics, and on the news, etc. As an audience, we love to study the classical hero whether we’re watching something or reading a novel or story about one. It always seems to be exhilarating because it’s part of our nature. The story of the hero motivates individuals to want to be like that person and strive to help
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That influence carries on through life and as much as people don’t realize when they’re adults and get put in a situation, they subconsciously use tactics or strategies they have seen before like in a Spiderman or Batman cartoon to act as a hero. These actions spur from the influence of Homer’s Iliad. It is amazing how much something so minute as a cartoon can later influence a human being in life like that. Another example similar to cartoons is comic books. In comic books throughout the years there have been many different super heroes that have not become cartoons for children to watch but they can still read these comics and learn some of the same aspects of the cartoons. Comic book’s various heroes have many different situations where they have to save the city or different people and the difference is some of them describe the upbringing of the hero. Some of them describe the heroes’ characteristics like unusual birth, special parents, raised in obscurity, or even one or more special tutors or guides and they show how they came from those circumstances and became the hero they are at the end of the comic. Comic books in my opinion are a better example to study if you want to look at a redeemer hero because it not only shows the heroic actions but also shows the background of the hero and shows some of the true reasons why these people are considered heroes. They don’t base the hero on actions; they take their traits into account. Comic books

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