Influence of Media and Culture on Self Image

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Is culture today experiencing information overload leading to self confusion? Having access to information twenty-four hours a day does not necessarily have a positive impact on society and self image. Media content despite its public charge does not exactly mirror real self image. Mass communication with television ads and movies offer an unrealistic view of the everyday person in various aspects of life. Media can have a positive or negative influence on culture and the way people view their lives compared to those in the public eye. There is much speculation about how the media can affect self-concept, self-identities and self-evaluations. Media also has the power to sway beliefs, morals and behaviors. Research has shown how media …show more content…
Ethnic groups relate to each other based on a shared sense of identity (Miller, 2007. pg 248). When groups in the media are portrayed unrealistically, the audience members who share characteristics with those persons (e.g., gender or ethnicity) may be disappointed. Negative erroneous images may affect people in the sense that the media has altered the real identity of the social definition of the group in question (Aubrey, 2007). A second major aspect of self is identity. Society puts people into categories, with a specific role already defined to that group so, if a person is not sure of who they are it would be difficult to fulfill the role defined (Miller, 2007 p. 244). Relating the self to society shows how over time people decide their likes and dislikes. The results of a media research were published in West Germany offer some insight to personal image. According to the research results, no person carries in his head the exact replica of their self image. For example, on some shows young women are shown to be very slim and always pretty. This image is not realistic to today’s women. The everyday women come in all shapes and sizes (Parlikar, 1972). The sense of self identity is critical to ones status as a person. One has to have a sense of self if in order to acquire and achieve good self esteem. Sexual identity and gender
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