Influence of Media on the Ideas of People

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An essay on the influence of mass media on the ideas of people The mass media including television, radio and newspapers have a massive influence in shaping the minds of people. Let us pause for a moment and examine the statement made. The statement written above claims that the minds of people have been shaped and moulded by the media used to communicate information to the masses – not as much by the message being communicated. In essence, this means that these channels of mass communication either magnify the influence of the message being communicated or bear within themselves the power to influence the ideation and decision-making abilities of people. To put it in everyday language, the mass media has the power to take an average…show more content…
Conversely, while the positive impacts equally justify the existence and importance of mass media, they emphasize the influence of mass media nonetheless. Media influence on children has steadily increased as new and more sophisticated types of media have been developed and made available to the public at affordable costs. The influence of media, especially the television has been nearly instantaneous. Suddenly the television begins to dictate values, sets the standard for peer pressure and influences the ideas formed in these young minds without them even being aware of it. The beneficial effects include early readiness for learning, educational enrichment, opportunities to view or participate in discussions of social issues, exposure to the arts through music and performance, and entertainment. Unfortunately, it’s a package deal that often comes with harmful influences resulting from sensationalization of violent behavior, exposure to subtle or explicit sexual content, promotion of unrealistic body images, presentation of poor health habits as desirable practices, and exposure to persuasive advertising targeting children. While some might dare attribute this influencing capacity to the message being disseminated, it is not so. Just because children can use media and technology doesn 't mean they are effective at critically analyzing and evaluating the messages they receive. Children require a set of skills to ask
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