Influence of Music and Gender Stereotypes

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Some women dance and show off for fun, some women expose themselves for money, and some give themselves up because it is expected. Wait, what? Yes, you heard that right. Society has come to the point where women are expected to give themselves up for sexual pleasure. Now what could some causes be? Could there be influence by the media? Would there be any influence by the music videos that the youth watches? You’re getting warmer, take a listen, feel the beat pulsing smoothly through your ear drums. That slight head nod you give to the beat, maybe a slight foot tap? Take in the instruments taking part in the beat. Now the important part, take in the artist’s voice. The loudest part you hear from his or her production. Dissect the lyrics and you’ll be surprised to find what you hear when you take it into consideration. Music has become more influential in society. With it a negative light has been projected towards the female gender; and although most of society doesn’t realize the damage this can do. Awareness of the damage caused by artists and producers in the music industry needs to be raised on these negative effects. Think about when you began to listen to music. Probably when you were young, right? Listen to rap, hip hop, or country? Guess what, you make up a major part of studies that were made in the last few years. What it has to do with you is that believe it or not; you have been influenced by the…
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