Influence of the Leadership and Governance of a Healthcare Organization

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How does the leadership and governance of a health care organization influence the development and implementation of risk-management and quality-management policies? Risk Management A company's risk management strategy is largely governed by the degree to which company leadership emphasizes its importance. This denotes that organizational governance must prioritize risk-reduction as a leading operational imperative. Leadership should be directly involved in making difficult decisions that will impact the entire company. In the face of difficult decisions, excellent leadership will demonstrate the discretion to make decisions that promote the reduction of risk impact. Quality Management The text by Carroll (2009) indicates that certain distinctive leadership traits influence quality management, including "good judgement, common sense, tenacity, intuition [and] critical thinking skills." (p. xvii) Also critical to the development of an effective quality management strategy is the insertion of leadership with the ability to working within and lead a project team. Leadership must demonstrate quality by example through the proper adherence to internal procedures. Quality management will depend significantly on the ability of leadership to clearly and comprehensively convey expectations and delegate responsibilities. How do the philosophy and culture of the risk-management and quality-management policies influences organizational performance? Risk Management A
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