Essay on Influence of the Media on Society's Interpretation of Art

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Art is an expression of the mind that is open for interpretation. We are appealed to the mystery behind every meaning and the ability to the be the judges. However, what happens when that ability is lost? When art is no longer open to interpretation because the artists already know what they aim to make us believe. The power of manipulation is strong and we find ourselves falling for it everywhere we go. How we see art is influenced by what we know or what we do not know, and manipulation relies in what we do not know. The problem is we let ourselves become victims to the media’s power, losing the ability to see the meaning for ourselves. Art has transformed from free expression of the mind to becoming a tool in one of the world’s largest …show more content…
John Berger, and English art critic, wrote an essay titled the The Ways of Seeing in which he says “The way we see things is affected by what we know or what we believe in” (Bartholomae, and Petrosky). We look through the artist’s eyes on a subject we are not entirely familiar with, relying on we know to fill in the spaces. Berger believe seeing is a powerful tool and we should be the only ones to influence what we see. We cannot choose what we see because we are constantly surrounded by art, but we can choose how we interpret it. That is why everyone interprets art differently because we all have come to know the world around differently.
We try to judge the artist’s ability to tell us a story and get frustrated when we cannot figure it out. It would be so much easier if the artist would just give a brief summary describing his painting. Where’s the fun in that? I adore going to a museum and seeing all the stories people have to tell. My favorite art museum is the Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston, because the artists truly put their own thought into their work. My favorite piece was a series of city maps that were made from wire and trash. I remember staring at them for at least an hour trying to understand why the artist used the specific pieces he did. I went from piece to piece looking for a pattern and never found one. I finally came to the conclusion

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