Influence of the Puritan Faith on the Development of New England

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The New England colonies rapidly developed though out the 1600s. This mass of development was influenced by the Puritans, whom founded a majority of the New England and several Middle colonies. The Puritan philosophies and values formed and directed the progress of the colonies. Socially, strict emphasis on church and community was influential in other colonial settlements as well. Politically, unification and representation derived from the Puritans. Economically, ideas such as fair pricing originated through the Puritan minds. It is obvious that the ideas held by Puritans grasped the social, political and economic maturity of the New England colonies in the time period of 1630 to 1660. Influence of the Puritan faith existed massively in social development of New England and brought great changed in the social standings. This can be seen through the emphasis on church and education. Visible in Doc B, a map of a colonial New England town shows the center of a average Puritan town, containing a village green surrounded by multiple buildings. Prominent in the surrounding buildings are the church and the school. The church was the religious and ultimately social center of a Puritan town. Puritan followers strived to comprehend the ways God. This belief also caused the Puritans to think themselves better by destiny; as stated by William Bradford, following the Pequot War, “…and they gave the praise thereof to God…who had wrought so wonderfully a [victory]” (Doc D). Some
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