Influencers For Project Success Factors Essay

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Influencers for Project Success - Akshay Suresh Rao RESEARCH ESSAY DISCUSSION PAPER Everyone wants to have a successful outcome for his or her project. The golden question is: What are the Influencers for Project Success? We all know every project is unique in terms of size; it’s uniqueness and complexity. But we more or less follow the same Project management guidelines drafted by the Project Management Body of Knowledge. If the process being followed is same then definitely we should be able to define some parameters and variables that can be influenced and monitored to succeed in the project. These parameters are called as project success factors and project success criteria. Project Success Factors are the elements in the project that the project manager or team members try to influence to ensure success of the project. The project team can control compliance to these factors. These factors generally deal with how the project is organized, how well are the people and stakeholder managed. Project success factors can be classified into 4 main categories: People, Planning, Communication and Risk/Change Management. Measurements from the project using which we decide if the project is a success are termed as Project Success Criteria. Looking at this definition, it is clear that project success criteria’s are dependent variables that can generally not be influenced directly by the project team. So, these act as mere guidelines or milestones for the project teams to achieve.
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