Influences And Life Of A Tortured Soul

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Influences and Life of a Tortured Soul “Although dissolute in his personal life, when Poe touched pen to paper, he became a disciplined craftsman.” (Carnes 300). Edgar Allan Poe cemented his place in American literature by publishing countless poems and short stories, including “The Raven” and “Masque of the Red Death.” Poe effectively invented the detective fiction genre and perfected the horror story. His style, visionary as it was, was not with its influences. A life filled with tragedy, disappointment, alcoholism, and depression shaped Poe’s seemingly strange and taboo mind. Many of Poe’s writings were directly impacted by events in Poe’s life. In the Romantic period of the mid 1800’s, Edgar Allan Poe succeeded among American…show more content…
Struggling with debt, David Poe turned to the drink, left his wife, and died of Tuberculosis shortly thereafter in 1811. The same year, Edgar Poe lost his mother to the same disease as his father. A wealthy Richmond family named the Allan 's took Poe in and raised him as their own (although never formally adopting him). As a young child, Poe enjoyed a spoiled life and expensive education, learning many languages and reading literature from an early age. According to his teachers and tudors, Poe excelled in literature of every kind. While living in England for five years, he looked to a schoolmate’s mother named Jane Stanton for love (Meltzer 27). Her death by tuberculosis, devastated a young Poe who became unhappy and depressed. At sixteen, Poe attended the University of Virginia where he studied the modern and ancient languages of French, Italian, Spanish, and Latin (Meltzer 34). After a year, however, Poe’s relationship with his foster parent, John Allan, had quickly decayed. Poe gambled and wasted Allan’s money while in school. After returning to his home, Poe severed ties with Allan completely by leaving the Allan home permanently while Allan promised never to finance Poe or his education again. Poe left, alone, for his birth city, Boston. The absence of loving parental figures characterized many of Poe’s future writings. In Boston, Poe
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