Influences For Choosing Social Work As A Career

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Influences for Choosing Social Work as a Career Social work has been my major since childhood. Throughout my life I have persevered against poverty, discrimination, domestic violence, substance abuse and mental health barriers. Due to my experience with these issues, the art of learning grew into a passion and priority. By focusing on my education, I established my identity apart from the status quo of my background and became the first woman in my family to attend college. Despite enrolling without a career path to follow, I was determined to explore for a major linked by science, integrity and compassion. Through the social work curriculum, my intellectual needs were met. The interactive preparation and self-care integral to social work filled the gaps that remained in my education and personal development by nourishing seeds of assertive communication, healthy boundaries and mindfulness; the benefits of counseling and journaling underlined in this profession have especially enriched my journey to becoming an advocate. In addition to this newfound peace, social work also spoke to my knowledge as a member of many vulnerable populations and expanded my ability to work with a diverse clientele. From the psychosocial and field placement components of this major, I discovered my deep rooted ambition to empower the mental health community in the same manner that social work has empowered me. Understanding of Social Work Profession Responsibilities Over the course of my
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