Influences Of The Anti Establishment Movement

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This investigation will examine the influences of the anti-establishment movement, major events like the sexual revolution and the how media and pop culture influences fashion in the 1960’s. Every decade has a signature look but the real question is how they got that look. To look further into this subject one may need to investigate major happenings. This is what this paper looks into. The greatest influences to fashion in the 1960’s are analyzed in this paper. Each chapter goes into depth on each influence and how it all relates back to fashion. Fashion is one way of self- portrayal and it can define a time period and a person. The important part is to look into the behind the scenes aspect of fashion and the cultural and social integration into the fashion industry.
By looking deeper into the subject I have concluded that fashion is influenced by the happenings of a certain time period. Each time period has its own definitive style which is brought out through fashion. It can be concluded that social and cultural influences are the driving force behind fashion and how it is portrayed in each decade.
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“We cannot appraise history without these visual concepts. Art is a mirror clouded by idealization. Dress reflects no society at its best but at its most mundane, because it is devised to appease the vanity of the moment. And so when fashions of the past arouse our admiration, when we can say that a people of any era satisfied with their vanity with a taste

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