Influences On Correctional Officers And Correctional Officers

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Influences on these professions include things like one’s gender, mental capacity, education, social norms, professional codes, ones values and beliefs. All of these influences help correctional officers, treatment staff, probation, and parole officers determine and make ethical decisions. One influence that stood out to me most was the correctional officer subculture. Correctional officer subculture has a huge effect on correctional officer, police officer and even the public. The correctional officer subculture accepts excessive force as a norm in one’s job routine. It also expressed its willingness to use deceit, to cover up for wrong doing. For example, a new correction officer observes a senior officer use too much force on an individual. The new officer…show more content…
Individualism promotes the individual with longer interest. With parole, probation, and a correction officer all make the decision about what is best for their clients as well as the community, by keeping the community safe of harm. These attitudes and beliefs influence how individuals within certain settings would react to some situations.
Correction officers, treatment staff, probation and parole officers all have similarities as well as differences. These professions all deal with individual who have broken the law. These professions all supervise offenders' activities, by keeping and watching over these offenders keeps the community safe and free if criminal behaviors. Although these professions are similar they also have differences. Correctional Officer are individuals who supervise, and control over inmates who are awaiting trial or sentenced to time in jail for breaking the law. When it comes to security level the facility is broken down into four levels. There is Super Max security also known as high security, which is where the worst of the worst inmates are supervised. The inmates have little to no contact with officers or other offenders. Maximum security is generally where inmates live in

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