Influences On Cultural Influences

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There is a lot of stuff in life that helps shape you into the person you become. This could be the area you grew up in, the schools you went to, the family that raised you, or the activities you participated in. While external influences are not everything, you can grow up in a bad situation to be a good person and vice versa, it would be naive to say they do not play a role. The people I am going to choose as cultural influences for me are my grandfather, my stepfather and my mother. There are much more, but these are three people who played a large role in my development. My grandfather was very young when he died; he was only 49 when he died of cancer. My biggest memories of him were his love of nature and of his Cherokee heritage. He made me things like a medicine bag. He put a few things in it like the tip of a deer antler and a really cool rock I found while camping that he polished for me. Other people in my family added stuff to it also. Unfortunately, I was a kid and I lost it somewhere, but I still have the memories of him. He always had a strong respect for nature and anytime we would go camping he would emphasize the importance of us leaving the campsite better than we found it. Seems like a simple lesson, but it has a lot of applications. One example would be when you borrow something, in this example, I will use a car. If you receive the car with half a tank of gas, I was raised that you should always return it cleaned and with a full tank of gas. Next,

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