Influences On My Identity

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Influences on My Identity Nursery walls painted baby blue, the bedding a classic Winnie-the-Pooh print. Stroller and car seat covered in neutral plaid. Footed onesies in shades of white, yellow, and green. A long list of unisex names from which to choose. Sifting through my baby book, it is easy to see tell that my parents had no clue what gender their new baby would be. That is, until I came into the world in a flurry of activity and someone—probably the doctor—announced “It 's a girl!” My grandmother immediately went out to purchase something frilly and pink, the utmost in feminine attire, and thus my identity as girl was affixed. There are many factors, such as nationality and race, that shape a person 's identity. For me, it is gender that has had the greatest influence. At a basic level, gender identity is about the reproductive organs associated with the sexes. Genetically, this is broken down into x chromosomes and y chromosomes. Merriam-Webster 's online dictionary defines identity as “the relation established by psychological identification” (“Identity”) and identification as “a largely unconscious process whereby an individual models thoughts, feelings, and actions after those attributed to an object that has been incorporated as a mental image.” (“Identification”) In essence, identity comes from identifying with a collective and then modeling oneself after it. Ample research has been conducted on how children develop gender identity, typically in response to…
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