Influences That Affect Children and Young People’s Development.

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Influences that affect children and young people’s development.


There are different things that can affect a child’s development in their background these are just a few of them: - Family brake up A new partner of the parents/carer Bereavement

A family brake up can be really stressful for the child and may even influence the development as the child could get very upset, could lash out at people, could go very quiet, could stop eating and could even stop talking as they may think that they had something to do with their parents/carers braking up.

If a parent/carer gets a new partner it may influence the child’s development as the child may not like the new person in their life and they may go very quiet,
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If the child has problems using their arms or legs or may even have no use of their legs or arms this will cause a problem with there development but shouldn’t stop them from developing, it just means it could be a bit more hard work for them to do some of the things other children could do.

Vision may impact on a child’s life when they are going though their development but not much as they could wear Glasses or contacts and the only time it would cases a problem is if the child brakes, looses, forgets to bring them with the child or forgets to puts them in their eyes.


There are 2 kinds that I’m going to talk about and they are Home and School environments of development.

Home development will depend upon how much time the parent/carer spends with the child and how much work the child dose i.e. reading together, righting together and doing maths together.
If the child has a safe and secure home life then they tend too do a lot better at school and out of the home life as well.

School development can depend on a few things. How well the child gets on with the staff and other children, if they understand the work that they
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