Influences consumer behavior

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Describe and analyze consumer behavior of Vinamilk’ customers.
I. Purchase decision process:
1. Problem recognition:
The demand for milk is a biological need. They arise from a state of physiological of stress such as starvation.
2. Information search:
Internal search: Recovering and searching the knowledge; understanding in memory.
External search:
+ Customers can get information from the sellers fully, particularly and exactly.
+ Nowadays, with modern information technology, supermarkets, shops can offer customers a lot of information. In addition, the information on the packaging, trademarks are important sources that providing information effectively.
+ The TV ads are effective information for customers about design,
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6. Life styles:
Lifestyles of the people expressed through action, attention and views. It is closely associated with social origin, subculture, occupation, economic status.
For traditional families when they choose dairy products they just choose products that is good for the health and prices are just a small part.
For ordinary families who often use various types of milk such as strawberry yogurt drink, orange yogurt drink, ...
III. Social cultural influences:
1. Personal influences:
- Opinion leaders:
Individuals often belongs to different societies. The role and status of individuals decide their position in each group. When advertising milk, they often cooperates with artists, comedians or celebrities to create trust with their customers.
- Occupation:
Occupation of a person affects their consumption patterns.
For farmers, the limited understanding of health care is high, that 's why they do not pay enough attention to the products have unique characteristics , do not having the special using a certain product, especially the demand for milk is limited.
For the workers work in the construction industry that are interested in the product supplement calcium, osteoporosis prevention, such as milk calcium supplement, enhance resistance, reducing fatigue stress at work , fresh milk, ...
For students mainly consuming fresh milk that is good for health, increase the resistance,…
- Age and family life cycle:
People buy many kinds of goods and
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