Influences of Greek and Roman Mythology

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Their beliefs are so ancient that they date back to the Roman Empire. Many historians find it astounding that these myths made it through time and their influence is still found in many places of belief.

The Greeks had their own principle divinities, these were twelve major gods called, “The Olympians.” The Olympians includes, Zeus: god of gods, the sky, men and weather; Poseidon: the god of the sea, horses and earthquakes; Hades: the god of the underworld, death and precious stones; Aphrodite: the goddess of love and sexual encounters; Ares: the god of war and believed to be the god of discord, wreaking chaos among people; Hermes: the god of messengers, thieves, vagabonds, science and invention; Hephaestus: the god of fire, metal workers and inventors; Athena: the goddess of wisdom, weaving and war strategy; Hera: the goddess of women, marriage, heaven and believed to be the goddess of harvest; Apollo: the twin god of light, sun, poetry and music; Artemis: the twin of Apollo and she is the goddess of the hunt, the moon and virgin maidens; Hestia: the goddess of hearth and welfare; Demeter: the goddess of farming, harvest and farmers. The Greeks believed that the Olympians ruled over nature under their own individual domain. They felt weak and pathetic to the forces of nature without…
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