Influences of the Medici Family During the Renaissance

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The Renaissance was a very important time period in the world. Without the Renaissance many things besides the art world would be different. Another thing would be the banking system. What people consider art could be completely different. The Medici family really helped Florence become the main city of the Renaissance. At one point, sienna would have been the main city because people believed that just looking at their city was like art. Just looking at the city made someone shiver. Siena had a few things that it could offer but nothing like what Florence had to offer. Although Siena was an advanced city at the end of the Middle Ages Florence surpassed it to become the center of the Renaissance mostly due to the Medici family. At one point during the Renaissance Siena was supposed to be the center of the Renaissance. Florence eventually took it over to become the center (travelrental). Sienna enjoyed architecture and that was mostly what people considered art during this time period. Another reason was because Siena was a beautiful city with really pretty views. Nobody during this time period really knew what real art was except for some really famous painters (spitz 110). The architecture on the buildings of Sienna was absolutely outstanding. Many people came to visit just so that they could see the outstanding detailed buildings. A visitor could not walk down a street in Siena without seeing one marvelous building filled with design (courtauld).
Siena was a city that
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