Influences of the Perceptions of the LGBT Community

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We will use different way of view to judge whether it is positive, negative, ethical or unethical. In this society, we have a LGBT community which stand for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender. The unique of this community is they like person who are same sex with them, in other word is homosexual. In the past, the acceptance toward same sex love or gay marriage is very low but now the acceptance of the society toward this them is increase. Everyone has their right to love someone they loved, the love they give to their partner is same as how we love the one we loved. They having a ‘gay’ gene and environment and social factors influence, (Sarah K., 2014). We should respect on the decision that they made for their current life and also their future. We have no right on judging or controlling their life when they are being themselves. In these few years, most of the people accept them especially for the Generation Y. Their acceptance is higher than the Generation Y that is why Generation Y will comfort “with the whole gay thing”, (Jonathan D.L., 2013) Mass media is a medium that transmitted the message and send to a large number of receivers. For some countries, they will use the hot issue which is LGBT community as one of their marketing strategic and also a way to persue the audience to accept them. I will take the most powerful mass media to be my…

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