Influences on Behavior and Psychological Disorders Presentation Outline

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Bipolar Disorder Outline


Bipolar Disorder Outline

I. Introduction A. Bipolar Disorder Common Behaviors • Start your study assignment by reading the directions for the assignment cautiously so that you undoubtedly understand your instructor’s hopes. B. How The Bipolar Disorder Affects sleep, psychoactive drugs or mediation, and hypnosis on a person. C. How the disorder affects memory. • Genetic Influences • Memory Misrepresentations D. Character Theories • Psychodynamic speculation • Social-Cognitive speculation E. Therapies utilized to treat bipolar disorder • Cognitive behavioral treatment
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Such researches, yet, do not give information on which or how many genetic materials are involved” (Mental Health, 2009). • Organic Influences ▪ Genetic Factors Hereditary (plays a part in the conduction of vulnerability) ▪ Every age group is affected mutation (an only mutation has all to say concerning whether one will get the disease). ▪ Bipolar Disorder is not infectious It cannot be pass on from one person to another It is besides known as hectic-sadness is a psychological sickness • Memory Distortions ▪ Genes little and lasting memory ▪ Lithium ordinary memory distortions ▪ Swiftness of information dispensation ▪ Craze psychological elasticity D. Personality theories:

• Psychodynamic assumption- highlights the influence of the insensible mentality and childhood experiences on character. • Societal-Cognitive assumption: This viewpoint says that every one of us has a distinctive individuality as we have individual histories of interactions with the surroundings and since we think about the world and understands what happens to us. E. Therapies used to treat bipolar disorder:

Cognitive behavioral therapy in bipolar disorder: Based on the thought that what we imagine influences our outlooks and
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