Influences on the Health of a Community

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Influences on the Health of a Community The health of a community is influenced by many factors including the social, cultural, and ethnic mix of the community, varying individual belief and moral systems, and the impact of political and economic factors to name a few. Strong social community associations, affiliations, and ties, within the interior of the community also influence the overall health of the community collective. Additional influences are the actual physical environment, surroundings, and available activities and resources of the community in which the citizens live, work, play, and perform all the other associated activities of daily life. Socioeconomics and the Spartanburg Community Spartanburg…show more content…
In addition, in 2000 the Unites States Congress passed legislation creating the National Center on Minority Health and Health Disparities at the National Institute of Health which requires the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to report annually on our nation’s progress in reducing healthcare disparities (Lillie-Blanton, Maleque & Miller, 2008). Socioeconomic status relates to health status. In the United States those with private insurance and Medicare tend to receive a higher and disproportionate part of the available healthcare services and resources, while those with Medicaid or no insurance receive a significantly lower number of services and resource options. A person’s socioeconomic status within the country and culture also greatly impacts not only the healthcare services received, but also the quality of the services provided (Shipman, Vant Hul & Hooten, 2009). Effects of Economics on Healthcare Access The status of the national, state, and local economies significantly impact the availability and access to medical services and care, especially for those who lack private insurance coverage or the financial resources to pay. The recent and severe economic downturn experienced in the United States has greatly impacted those who depend on the payment of services through socially funded programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, as
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