Influencing Individuals And Groups : An Essential Tool For Communicating With Employees

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Influencing Individuals and Groups Introduction The Community College of Beaver County uses a variety of methods for communicating with employees. Electronic mail (email) has become an essential tool for accomplishing the College’s day-to-day activities. Another form of communication is the CCBC Insider, a monthly college-wide publication to provide information to any changes and events on the campus. Effective communication helps to identify and manage conflicts and working towards the goal of a mutual agreement for both parties. What methods does your organization use to communicate with employees? Are these methods effective? Why or why not? The College email system is an official means of communication for the Community College of Beaver County. The college considers every employee to be duly informed and in receipt of notifications and correspondence sent by the College to all employees. The college has invested in its technology infrastructure to enable efficient business practices and improve communication with and within the College. All employees of the college have access to email as a communication tool, and the college is committed to the use of this tool to enhance interpersonal communications and improve information exchange. Furthermore, all employees, should frequently access their College assigned email account for official information. Communicating with the college through email is very productive for most employees; however, email limits
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