Influencing The Performance Of Simultaneous Interpreters

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The reference listed will be the materials that I use in my essay on the simultaneous interpreting, the topic of which will be “The influencing factors of improving the performance of simultaneous interpreters”.
The starting point of this research is reading the book Routledge Handbook of Translation Studies (edited by Carmen Millán and Francesca Bartrina, 2012), triggered by my long-time curiosity and love to interpreting. After reading the three chapters about interpreting in this book, I choose to future reading the chapter 4 The position of interpreting studies (Pöchhacker, 2013,60-72). In this chapter, with his emphasizing on simultaneous interpreting, Pöchhacke(2013) introduced the history of interpreting studies, the definition in interpreting studies, the models and theory of interpreting studying, etc. The book The origins of simultaneous interpretation: The Nuremberg Trial(Gaiba, F,1998) gave a clear introduction of the nature and history of simultaneous interpretation form the Nuremberg Trial.

Besides that, in the book The Routledge Handbooks of Interpreting (edited by Holly Mikkelson and Renée Jourdenais, 2015), there is a whole chapter named Simultaneous interpreting (Kilian G. Seeber, 2015,79-95) introduced the problems in simultaneous interpreting including speed and density, numbers, syntax and accents. It is this chapter that informs me to start a research on the factors which can improve the simultaneous performance.

Through reading the reference list of
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