Influential Adolescents and Peer Pressure

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"Would you jump off a bridge, if your friends did?" a mom said to her teenage son, Andrew. Andrew had decided to give into peer pressure and went against his parents' wishes by staying out all night. Andrew did not think that his parents would be extremely upset since they knew he was with his friends. However, his parents were worried that he had been kidnapped and they would possibly never see him again. When he arrived back at his house his parents were relieved but at the same time very distraught. Whether the effect of peer pressure is positive or negative there is an influence on a person’s life. Teenagers are more likely to give into peer pressure and most the time it results from the negative influence that teenagers have on one another. Peer pressure has long-term effects that can be fixed by saying “no” or choosing friends wisely. Peer pressure can cause an individual to take on unnecessary risks just to try and be like their friends. A person’s “friends” will cause them to do something that is “wrong” just to be accepted. There can be various effects of peer pressure, but most teenagers do not see the long term effects. Peer pressure not only will affect teenagers now, but there is an unseen consequence that teenagers do not see at such a young age. An example of peer pressure that has a long last effect on a person’s life is drugs. Drugs, no matter if taken once or multiple times, can affect a person for the rest of their life, because drugs cause various

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