Influential African American Athletes : I Am A Fan Of The Washington Redskins

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While researching influential African American athletes, I came across Bobby Mitchell. I choose him not only because of his great influence on and off the field, but because I am a fan of the Washington Redskins. Robert “Bobby” Cornelius Mitchell was the first African- American to play football for the Washington Redskins. Bobby Mitchell was born on June 6, 1935 in Hot Springs, Arkansas to his parents Reverend Albert Mitchell and Avis Mitchell. Not much was mentioned about his childhood, however High school is when Mitchell began playing football. He attended Langston High School in Hot Springs and went on to become a four-sport standout. Mr. Mitchell was blessed with so much great athletic talents that the local media began recognizing him as “Mr. Touchdown. In 1953, Mitchell was selected to the all-state Negro squad his junior and senior years. It was clear that he was going to be a serious NFL player since the start.
In 1954, Mitchell received a football scholarship to the University of Illinois. The following year he joined the ‘Fighting Illini” varsity team. Although he was only a backup halfback to Harry Jefferson, On November 5, 1955, he got to show everyone what he was made of. After Jefferson was injured during the fourth quarter against the University of Michigan, Mitchell ran a sixty-four-yard run, followed by a touchdown. As for the remainder of the season, the way that Mitchell played was described as “Superb.”
Despite enduring a knee injury in 1956 during his…

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