Influential Court Cases Involving Education

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Throughout history there have been various influential court cases involving Education. These important cases and their outcomes act as milestones on the road to a successful education System in the United States. Topics such as race, religion and gender equality within schools have all been vigorously debated upon and have ultimately played major roles in shaping today 's education system. By examining civil rights and acting upon these rights many important educational court cases have allowed many students a greater chance for efficient and equal learning opportunities in the classroom.

Brief History

One of the important landmark educational court cases, is the 1974 ruling of Lau v. Nichols. As more immigrants establish homes in the United States, they face many difficulties adapting to everyday life having English as their second language or having no knowledge of the English language at all. During 1971, San Francisco schools were integrated and created more diverse and bilingual groups of students which exemplified this issue within the school system (Developing ELL Programs). Though previous actions had been made to accommodate students with lack of English proficiency, there were still a large number of students that did not receive any help.

Lau, along with many other Chinese-American students in San Francisco found their school district did not do its job in providing equal opportunity to students in this circumstance. This resulted in a landmark court case…
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