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Were CP China's changes to the CMF marketing launch program justifiable? Burton's objective was to market Colgate Max Fresh (CMF) as global venture. Each country had its own assumptions and trends that would make certain products popular. For CMF to appeal to a Chinese market it had to investigate and target those specific selling appeals. Del Levin, who was in charge of conducting R&D for Colgate in Asia, discovered that that whilst a potentially huge market existed for the product it being that Asia had a large freshness segment it had to be marketed in a particular way in order to best appeal to the Asian consumer. Firstly, the name itself - Colgate Max Fresh did not appeal as well as other names in China would; the name was therefore changed to "Icy Fresh". Secondly, original marketing that used 'breath strips' was meaningless to an Asian market and would have been better modified to "cooling crystals' which was more relevant and meaningful to Chinese consumers Consumer surveys targeted to the Asian public carefully investigated the various nuances that would make the product successful in China and, to that end, discovered that freshness was still a relatively new concept to this particular market and that, therefore, careful research would have to be done in order to precisely assess potential selling points. It would have to be the youth who would be targeted and they would be targeted at an emotional level. Emily Proctor and her role were unknown in China, and,
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