Influential Factors of International Business and International Business Environment

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A Business Growth and Strategy Project



By: Ankit D Jethani 6937

Business Environment consist of every factors influential to the business operations. These factors are classified into two broad categories. These are:

a) External or Uncontrollable factors of Business environment. b) Internal or Controllable factors of Business environment.

External Factors: The factors those are not controllable at any cost but have to adopt for success of business are external or uncontrollable
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However, spending on clothing and footwear, cars and entertainment would reduce.

The report cited that investment in retirement villages and aged care accommodation, in particular, would continue to grow, with construction of aged care facilities topping $1.4 billion in 2007, up 38 per cent on the previous year, with the strongest activity in Tasmania and South Australia.

Businesses involved with health care are likely also to be winners from an ageing population, with older Australians expected to line the pockets of the health industry. New technologies and medical procedures provide clear areas of opportunity for businesses operating in these sectors. Significant investments in health care technology are required to meet the demands of the aged, who wish to maintain quality of life into their senior years and are generally prepared to pay to get it.

The Impact of the Mini ‘Baby Boom’ and Growing Migration

It’s not only the ageing population that will cause a seismic shift in Australia’s demographics. The large intake of skilled migrants from overseas and a mini ‘baby boom’ have helped drive population growth, which in turn has pushed the Australian economy along. This, of course, has already provided businesses with enormous opportunities.

According to PKF’s Business & Population Monitor, population
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