Influential Person Research Paper

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Influential Person In my past life time, there is a pursuing goal to lead me in going forward straightly. That is an influential person who teaches me how to take care of others, how to dig my own potential power inside and how to be a confident girl with lot of excellent qualities. That person is my aunt. In the first place, there is a saying in China "taking care of others is a key to make good friends". My aun acknowledges the importance of learning how to take care of others and utillizes it in different situation. She taught me that every knowledge or experienced saying is not only to one specialized area or situation, but also every circumstance. Like the previous saying about taking care of others can also be useful while one is discussing with customers in a business. Many petty but elaborate details can help you leave a deeper impression in their hearts.…show more content…
And most of people do not know how to figure out that power. I am lucky that I have my aunt who help me with exploring my potential. During my childhood, my parents were hard-working in a different city that may took them four hours to drive in order to see me. So I used to stay with my aunt for at least 2 years. One day, she brought a great set of cryons. That is my first time to embrace the art, an attractive area. From then, I began a special traveling of my first hobby. With my unexpected imagination and crazy curiosity, I became a outstanding little artist in my class. It is an amazing start so that my aunt called my parents and they decided to send me into two art class in different expression style. One class is Chinese stylistic realitistic painting. By the constrast, the other one is western sketching. As a result, I gave Chinese painting style a strong preference. Though having no marvellous talents in that, I am acknowledging how to dig potential out in certain extent by my cherish parents and
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