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INFO Systems test 3 1) Well managed organizations that _____ are critical, complex and dynamic. A. Business processes B. Informations systems C. Boundaries D. Function 2) The first step in a business process management is to A. Create components B. Implement processes C. Create a model D. Assess results 3) In the diagram, the rounded rectangles refer to: A. Decisions B. Data C. Activities D. Facilities E. None 4) The type of diagram shown is called: A. A standard, as-is process diagram B. A race-lane layout model C. A high-level subassembly D. A swim-lane layout model E. None 5) In this diagram, the stone vendor and stone fabricator are: A.…show more content…
Viral marketing B. UGC C. Crowd-sourcing D. Social networking 21) The purpose of a business intelligence system is to A. Provide the right info to the right people at the right time B. Provide info to improve decision making C. Track interaction with customers D. A and b E. A b and c 22) On a web site, a customers clickstream data provides a record of ______ on the site A. The ads viewed B. The links clicked C. The orders placed D. The queries activated E. Everything done 23) __________ systems integrate data from a variety of sources, process that data, and produce and deliver formatted reports to users A. Data mining B. RFP C. Reporting D. XML E. Web Service 24) Before it can be loaded into the data warehouse, operational data must be extracted and A. Sorted B. Filtered C. Processed D. Cleaned E. Labeled 25) __________ is cheaper and just as accurate as using the complete data set for a data mining application A. Modeling B. Statistical sampling C. Experimentation D. Meta analysis E. Simulation 26) A business intelligence system that uses if/then rules to analyze a situation and make a decision is a: A. expert system B. knowledge management system C. reporting system D. data mining system E. none of them 27) To create a knowledge management system,
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