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Accounting Information Systems

Riordan Manufacturing is a manufacturing company that manufactures plastic. All companies must have some sort of information system, along with different types of hardware and software. Businesses need good information systems in order to ensure that their records are accurate and complete. There are many types of information systems that are employed by payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and accounting. Input controls help ensure the validity, accuracy, and completeness of the data entered into an accounting information system. When working with input controls it is important to observe, record, and write down all the companies’ data. When observing the data the company must make
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Output controls deal with storage, screen display, and in the case of printed output, prepared as a report. Output controls are used to ensure the output’s validity, accuracy, and completeness. Some companies use validating processing, which provide all the changes that have been made to the company’s master files therefore giving a good audit trail. All companies that work with information systems must deal with the hardware. A computer itself is one of the most important types of hardware. The computers keyboard, mouse, printer, hard disks, all are different types of hardware that are important for an information system. These different types of hardware are known as peripheral equipment that helps the company process their data. All of a company’s hardware is sufficient to the company, because without the use of the mentioned hardware a company can’t perform their day to day work/tasks. There are many different computer programs that are available to all companies that help the companies workers/accountants perform their daily tasks and complete their work. These computer programs are known as application software. Application software can be used to create different types of worksheets, entering personal information, working in excel and using rows and columns, and etc. Project management software is used so companies
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