Informal Group Within an Organisation

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QUESTION: Identify an informal group in an organisation. Interact with group members and get their views on the group set up, group members' roles and functions, level of achievement of group goals, challenges facing group cohesiveness/ division in group leader-group member relationship.
Informal Groups within an Organisation :( a case study of hospital)
Organizations contain formal groups which have been put into place by the specific tasks, in order to further the aims of the organisation. In addition organizational management to perform to the formal groups, there are informal groups which can assume an existence in organizations as a result of the mutually shared interests of the individuals who are a part of the
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The leaders of the informal groups in organizations will have power within the groups which can oppose the formal directives of the organisation or the organisational managers. Hence, it is important to realise that informal groups do exist within organisations and that they have an implicit code of ethics or an unspoken set of standards. In order to positively harness the power of the informal groups, it is important to understand group dynamics and to bring about changes in the informal group norms so as to support the formal organisation. [Arndt 1997]; [Onepine.Info 2005]
The terms groups and teams are often used interchangeably and are important concepts in management literature. Groups can be found almost anywhere including schools, work organisations, families, and hospitals as well as in sports clubs. As opposed to a group, a team is expected to have some positive attributes to it. A team will have cohesion, cooperation and teamwork and groups are expected to develop into teams. A team is, therefore, a special type of group which has became sufficiently organised in order to fulfil a mission or a purpose. A group can consist of more than one individual capable of interacting with each other that are aware of their membership within a group as well as their positive interdependence as they strive to achieve mutual goals.
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