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I spoke with Mr. Dearman regarding the false accusations made against my daughter, Emily Grace, and although he assured me that he did not find any validity to them, I still have concerns. Slander is a serious offense and I would hope that the school would not go on a reputation killing witch hunt based on speculation and without solid facts. It is my understanding that you received an email, from either a child or parent, making these claims. I'd like to know the facts that were presented to you that set this all in motion. Also, given that these claims are completely false and baseless and that the theme of the Lead meeting was to 'Take off your Mask', I'd like for the person who fabricated this story to remove her mask and come forward so that Emily Grace can face her accuser.…show more content…
Emily Grace's consequences were the embarrassment of being called into the office, false rumors now being spread and her morals and reputation being questioned. Her accusers should be disciplinary action. I'd expect action if you had found the drinking to be true and I expect action against the person who disparaged my
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