Informal Organization And Recognizing Signs Of Trouble

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Informal Organization & Recognizing Signs of Trouble Goldsmith and Katzenbach (2007) review ways that individuals can improve their job performance through the utilization of informal connections and exchanges. Bartolomé (1993) endorses management recognition of potential subordinate problems that could lead to larger crises. This journal entry will discuss the ways in which organizational learning and effectiveness can be impacted by informal organization and early discernment of problems by managers. Formal structures, such as policy manuals and organizational charts may lay the foundation for organizations, but it is the informal organization that informs the ways in which work is carried out. This is why it is crucial for…show more content…
Another way that managers can positively influence their organization is by building trust. Trust-building between managers and subordinates is the crucial first step to preventing organizational crises. Effective managers understand that trust-building requires facilitation of communication, while being supportive, respectful, fair, consistent, and capable. Communication refers to open information sharing with groups and individuals. It should address organizational concerns, operations, policies, strategies, decisions, financial allocations, and challenges being faced. A supportive manager cares about the well-being of their employees. They are easily accessible, helpful, reassuring, and protective. Respect is earned when managers value and implement employee ideas and give them important tasks to accomplish. Fairness involves objectively recognizing the appropriate employees for task completion and accomplishments. Being consistent shows employees that managers are reliable, while professionalism and behaving sensibly display capability (Bartolomé, 1993, p. 7-11). Aside from communication about potential problems from subordinates, managers receive information by way of formal organizational structures. Furthermore, many managers possess an ability to foresee potential problems that may negatively affect the organization
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