Informal Reading Assessment

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The process of conducting an Informal Reading Inventory (IRI) on the student was rather straight forward and well laid out for me to follow. I began by interviewing the student about his interests and attitude toward school, so that I could begin to get to know the student and gain some background information on him from his perspective. The next step was to have the student read the placement sentences. The student I worked with is in the fourth grade, but his instructional level based on the placement sentences is at a second grade level. Once the student’s instructional level was identified I began administering the silent reading comprehension assessments and the oral reading assessments. I started at level one because this was the level below the placement sentence that he made two mistakes in. On the level one silent reading assessment he only retold the most basic components of the story and I had to ask most of the questions in order for him to answer the comprehension questions. On the oral reading assessment portion for level one the student only made three errors and self-corrected twice. The level two silent reading assessment’s results were similar to level one with him needing the prompting to answer the questions and missing one completely. On the level two oral reading assessment, he had two…show more content…
Providing the student with graphic organizers for retelling or story structure, such as story maps, story pyramids, venn diagrams, and character webs are useful ways to have him reread closely and reflect on the text in order to improve his comprehension. These strategies will also teach him the details he should pay attention to as he is reading through the text the first
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