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Introduction The Roanoke branch of Phoenix Advertising has been one of the company’s most successful branches in previous years, handling the company’s largest accounts and maintaining a strong human resource pool. However, recent observable difficulties have brought the branches’ current human resource practices into question, as reports of key personnel leaving or threatening to leave their jobs, sharp declines in productivity, and loss of employee morale reach the company’s headquarters. Under my capacity as Vice President of Human Resources Management for Phoenix Adverting, I have conducted an investigation into the causes of difficulties in the Roanoke branch and have identified one critical problem as employees’ loss of morale …show more content…
This phase has both informative and persuasive goals. Firstly the orientation intends to clarify that salaried employees by the nature of the contract which they had signed, have the responsibility to render overtime service when the need arises. It also intends to clarify that while such overtime rendered is not compensated in an hourly wage capacity, they should be credited by management as PTO that employees can use at a later time. Aside from informing employees, this phase also attempts to inculcate a leadership enriched culture, where the employees view the company as an extension of themselves. This can be done by showing in the orientation how working overtime benefits the company, and how this benefit corresponds to greater gains for the employees. The orientation should also use PTO and petty cash support during overtime hours to make overtime work appear very reasonable to employees. In the second phase of the proposal, I will convene with the Roanoke branch management in a formal meeting to discuss the current situation of the branch and what needs to be done by management in order to bring back and further improve employee morale. Among the issues that would be brought up in the meeting include the proper allocation of PTO for salaried employees who render overtime pay, and the establishment of a feedback system between management and employees that would

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