Informant Movie Quiz Essay

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1. What is the name of the company Mark works for?
-ADM (Archers Daniels Midland) 2. The main character states that if you’re a stockholder, all you care about is-that corn goes in one end and profit comes out the other 3. Where does Mark Whitacre live during the movie?- Germany 4. How much money was ADM losing per month in the lysine business because of the virus?
 7million per month 5. If you give chicken corn six months instead of
-8 6. Where were the phone calls coming in?
-ADM Business line at home(actually his home line) 7. When first talking to the FBI agent, what was the main character thinking about?
-Ties 8. What does the back of the business card say?-FBI is coming at 10pm 9. What is Mark’s wife’s name?
-Ginger 10. What is…show more content…
Why did Mark say he is 0014 (Double-O Fourteen)?-hes twice as smart as 007 24. What is the new policy when meeting wit the Japanese?
- pat them down for wires 25. How does Mark respond to this?- freaks out and gets ancy saying he didn’t get the memo 26. What does Mark do during the meeting that the FBI is monitoring?
-Looks at the camera and gives thumbs up and messes with the device in his breifcase 27. From the perspective of the Justice department, the meeting was not enough because the word(s) __Agreement______________ was not used. 28. Where do they go next to record the next meeting?-Hawaii 29. What happens at the meeting in Hawaii?-Mark gets everyone to state that they are in Agreement 30. What do the FBI agents carry around with them as a reminder for what they are doing?-A pic of mark and his family 31. Mark had aspirations of
-Running ADM after everyone gets fired(Next president of ADM) 32. Mark thinks he is going to be okay in the company
-Tue (he continuously asks the fbi agents if they think he will be ok in the company and they just keep telling him to tell them that he is cooperating with the government and that he should get an attorney to represent him)He is not really gonna be ok at the company they said the corporate culture will change some for him 33. The “A” in ADM, Archer, died-choked to death on a chicken bone in 1947 34. Those in the company think that the most the company will get is a
- 10 yr

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