Informatic Analysis

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With the use of technology at its glance, the use of Informatics in health care systems is improving and benefiting patients, family and the community. Informatics improve research, communication, documentation, diagnosis, education, and preventing of errors in the health care system. The use of paper charting increase errors, loss of documents, which could interrupt patient treatment and safety. Informatics is also useful in keeping patient medical records, track patient treatment, and progress.
Some of the forces inside and outside health care that are driving a move toward a greater use of informatics are national forces, nursing forces, healthcare consumer empowerment, patient safety, and cost. The National forces aim is to create electronic health records (EHR), and the creation of national coordination for healthcare information and technology. With the use of electronic health records many patients that have more than one provider will benefit because
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The safety of the patient is very crucial when caring for patients and the community. The use of informatics would improve Patient safety, such as the use of medication barcode administration, (BCMA), and Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) are few informatics implementations that would help with patient safety in the healthcare system (Sewell, 2015) Cost is another driving force towards the use of informatics. With the cost of health at its highest, consumers and employers would use informatics to access the quality of care, compare prices and also compare providers. Medical errors in healthcare setting cost a hugged amount of money. “Electronically prescribed drugs are more legible, thus making it less likely that drugs would be wrongly administered to patients (Chih-Piing et al, 2016)”.The use of informatics will help reduce some of this error which would save the government, hospital, and consumers from extremely high
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