Informatics And The Emerging Role Of Technology

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Informatics and the Emerging Role of Technology
With advancing technology such as electronic healthcare records, informatics is helping change the way nurses address everyday issues such as providing improved patient centered care and outcomes. This paper will provide an in-depth exploration of informatics and the role it plays in electronic healthcare records. The paper will then self-reflect and self-analyze my personal views related to informatics and electronic healthcare records. Finally, the paper will discuss the implications of emerging informatics technology related to electronic healthcare records on the nursing practice articulating the value of pursuing practice excellence, lifelong learning, and professional engagement, related to professional growth and development.
In exploring the role of informatics linked to electronic health record utilization, enhancements and progression to the database system will allow better quality treatment and outcomes. Technology is changing the world at warp speed and nowhere is this more evident than in healthcare settings (Huston, 2013). More importantly, the new and improved electronic healthcare records (now known as the EHR), could be utilized to support evidence based practice decisions. These decisions making choices would allow nurses and opportunity to have vast clinical data at their fingertips, enhancing patient care and potential outcomes.
The text speaks about information technology and relates that EHR’s
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