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Informatics Needs Assessment HCS/482 Gina Reiser, RN September 29, 2014 Informatics Needs Essay An informatics needs assessment is a critical step in the selection and implementation of the Electronic Health Record (EHR). The purpose of a needs assessment is to understand the organization and the needs of the organization well enough to boost the positive impact of an EHR while minimizing the negative effects (American Medical Association, n.d.). A readiness assessment can assist in identifying the readiness of an organization to successfully starting an EHR, the readiness for the staff to accept, and productively by using the EHR. The results will help assess what the current state of technology is, what is needed to make a…show more content…
“A thorough understanding of how information is currently collected, and processed is the starting point in performing a needs assessment” (Hebda & Czar, 2013, p. 155). There are four stages of conducting a needs assessment, these include: gap analysis, identify barriers, identify priorities, and summarize results (Young, 2008). The gap analysis can determine what the difference is between the current state and the desired state. Some of these areas that need to be considered are staff computer skill level, patient volume, time, resources, and the repetitive tasks. “ The goal is to determine what information is used, who will be using it and how it is used. All the data items used in the current system should be analyzed” (Hebda & Czar, 2013, p. 155). Important decisions need to be made regarding what types of information should be kept, what is redundant and what is necessary. To determine this, an evaluation of the strengths and weaknesses of the current process needs to be made, either manual or automated, to see what the organization needs. Systems should have a streamline data collection and it should be presented as information that can enable clinicians to coordinate care with ease and efficiently (Hebda & Czar, 2013). The data that is involved in the gap phase is collected through methods like observations, surveys,
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