Information About An Affordable Health Care App Essay

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INTRODUCTION This report will give you the information about an Affordable Health Care App. It is designed to provide the health care facilities to the people with the modern technology. The App is made and modified by using the Android Studios software. The main importance of this App is to share the health care facilities to all the people in a much convenient and a faster way. It helps the people to interact with the specified and the right doctors with an ease and comfort by using this App. As the modern technology is expanding at a very faster rate the health facilities should also be improved in the same way. HEALTH CARE FACILITIES In general, a place or location where health care is provided it is known as health care facilities. The facilities may be of small clinics with doctor rooms or it may be large hospitals with diagnostic centers. We can say that an area or a place is healthy is by knowing the quality of the health care facilities in that area. Providing health care facilities to the people is one of the major aspect any country is concentrating on these days. Health facilities can be either private or public. It means the organizations can be owned by the government or can be owned by private institutions. TYPES OF HEALTH FACILITIES 1. Hospitals: They are the institutions for providing health care facilities. It is done by providing specialized treatment for the people who are ill and carrying diseases. There are different types
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