Information About Service And Performance Of The Task

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Feedback provides the necessary information about service and performance of the task. Feedback from the staff helps the organization in smooth running of business. When the top management know what staff wants. Then only they can provide the customers with good service. RCB believes that it is important to provide staff with general feedback opportunities which is consider to be very important. Feedback from the staff helps the RCB to find out the demographics of such as age and gender which help generating higher revenues. RCB has done this survey after every year to know about the interest of staff. Sometimes these surveys in which staff interest help in take a change to increases the profits. RCB doing these surveys mainly for to…show more content…
RCB conducting customer satisfaction survey on very large scale by online review sites and blogs, explosive growth in social media. Conducting customer satisfaction survey is very major task and necessary exercise for customer satisfaction. That is why RCB conducting customer satisfaction survey. Survey of customer’s satisfaction can be done by various methods by preparing questionnaires, online mode, or by placing suggestion box at place of work. But RCB for this survey to make it effective and accepted, RCB sent out questionnaire annually to the customers. RCB choose this ongoing method to made improvement according to the information received by customers’ feedback. The main motive of RCB to conduct this customer satisfaction survey is to learn from the customers. The feedback given by the customers to RCB help them to know the customers insight what exactly the customers think about their offerings, customer service and employees working in the company. RCB also come to what customer value the most things in fast food restaurant. RCB chooses online mode to conduct the customer satisfaction survey. To participate in RCB customer satisfaction survey customer need the receipt of RCB restaurant, PC, Laptop or smart phone with internet access and customer know about Basic English. Customer need to do the following things- • Visit RCB site • Enter the code written on the
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