Information About The Festival Website

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Website Review is a website designed to supply their target audience with information about the annual festival held over New Year, as a means of digitally marketing and providing the links to purchase tickets.

Falls Music and Arts Festival is an annual, end of year, over 18s event, held in 4 separate locations, that appeals to a range of people through the diverse lineup that hosts many genres of music. The majority of attendees fall in the millennial category of 18-34 both male and female (Rana 2014, Leeannji 2015).

Although this target audience is not majorly specific, it does give the designers of the Falls Festival website more of a direct idea of who they are aiming to make the website appeal to. Castells asked Kaestle what the “secret” was to appealing so specifically to a target audience to which he replied “get in their head” (Castells 2010). This quote is very fitting in terms of the way that the Falls Festival website designers have incorporated many themes that would be associated with the festival goers. The random animations and graphics that appear throughout the website, from fried eggs to bowling pins, are so arbitrary that it is infact this randomness which will appeal to the target audience of the festival goers. The graphics try to emulate the craziness that is associated with such festivals.

Colour scheme needs to be considered very carefully when designing a website in order to meet the criteria of the target…
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