Information About The Private Sector And Public Sector

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4. Meta-Data Collected & Used By The Private Sector & Public Sector 4.1 Important Security Issues Collecting, mining and storing information has become a huge commodity in today’s fast-paced technology centric world. Information has transitioned from ancillary data to lucrative assets that can give a company a competitive edge or provide the means for governments to combat threats against critical infrastructure. In most cases, the data has legitimate uses for both enterprises and government agencies. Metadata, commonly defined as information about information, can also be of tremendous use. Metadata and data have become a regular currency for citizens to pay for their communication services and security; a trade-off the users have accepted for the convinence of using the technology (Van Dijck, 2014, p. 197). Collecting information about people is a profitable endeavor these days. Stealing the data collected can be equally fruitful for those who are intent on doing so. Social networks, application developers, and many other corporations routinely share aggregated metadata with third parties for various reasons such as customized marketing campaigns in exchange for free services. The Edward Snowden case illustrates just how real the liabilities are for the consumer. Snowden divulged that he along with many other analysts intercepted the metadata of three billion phone calls and interactions collected by the likes of Facebook, Google, Apple and other technology companies.
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